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Sajtinac on all fronts

During many years, Sajtinac draws for the German press (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Transatlantik, Playboy, Lui, Öko-Test, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).
He works regularly during 5 years for the magazine Stern and 4 other years for Die Zeit as a "drawer-columnist" in a weekly tribune.
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Sajtinac meddles in everything

Sajtinac’s first drawings, published in Die Zeit at the end of the 80s,
coincided with the fall of the Berlin wall. The problems caused by
the difficulties faced by East and West Germans in accepting their
new cohabitation brought the old demons back to life.
This situation created a wealth of subject matter.

Germany reunited

41.Predlog.jpg 19.-Wessi-und-Ossi.jpg
Wessi and Ossi

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Sajtinac in the east

Shortly after reunification, we see the opening of the secret records
of the GDR and can see, alarmingly, the extent of the Stasi’s role



1. Farewell
2. Cooperation

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Sajtinac and Yugoslavia

In 1989, Yugoslavia exploded and ceased to exist. In his weekly
page in Die Zeit, Sajtinac revisits this theme several times.

The Praise of Folly


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