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From the beginning of the 60s, Sajtinac published his drawings in various Yugoslavian journals: Polja, Dnevnik and Magyar Szo in Novi Sad, Vidici, Student in Belgrade and Telegram in Zagreb.
In1965, the publishing house of Matica Srpska, Novi Sad, released his first anthology of drawings, "L'index".
From 1981 onwards, six books were published in Germany, and after 2000, two more in France.

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Peinture fraîche

Published by Editions Glénat in 2003, this 64 page hardback
book (28 x 24 cm), in colour and black and white, published by
François Forcadell, collected drawings and paintings created
over a ten year period.
In 2004, this work was awarded the Grand Prix for black humour
in Paris.

ISBN 2-7234-4135-0

Available from Editions Glénat




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Tango d'enfer

This book, hardback, 46 pages, in colour (29 x 22.5 cm)
was published by Editions de la Tour, Paris, in 2000.
The Devil is the main protagonist

ISBN 2-85815-279-9

Out of print




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Open End

Released in 1998 by Editions Benedikt Bickel, Schrobenhausen,
Germany, this was a 40 page anthology of colour drawings,
stitched (28 x 22 cm). Published by Dieter Distl with a preface
by Hélène de Vallières.
This book was also the catalogue for a touring exhibition
in Germany and France.

ISBN 3-922803-660

Out of print




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Urbi & Orbi

Released in 1993 by Editions List Verlag, Munich, this hardback
work (27.5 x 24.5 cm), 144 pages, colour, contains drawings
and paintings created between 1983 and 1993.
It is entirely devoted to the Church and its representatives.
Most of its drawings are accompanied by Bible texts.
The preface is by the author.

ISBN 3-471-78644-9

Out of print




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Published in 1989 by Editions Harlekin Verlag, Wiesbaden, this is a 40 page colour hardback book (16.5 x 20.5 cm).
Its title, "Hosenkavalier", which means "The Knight of the trousers”, is a
parody of "Rosenkavalier", “The Knight of the Rose”, by Richard Strauss.
At the end of the 80s, AIDS appeared, and condoms had their moment.
This book, which is dedicated to them, is a “book-object”: on the last page there are three condoms in different colours ready for use.

ISBN 3-88300-028-0

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Also sprach Caruso (Thus spake Caruso)

Published in 1988 by Editions Zinnober Verlag, Hamburg, this 80 page
colour hardback book (22 x 16.5 cm) was developed around a single
character, Caruso, a small green devil who shares his philosophy with us.
Caruso was originally created for a show on German television.
The book contains a short history written by Sajtinac.

ISBN 3-89315-016-1

Out of print



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Und Narren sind sie alle (And fools are they all)

Published in 1986 by the Wilhelm Busch museum in Hannover
and Merlin Verlag, Hamburg, this 128 page anthology in colour
and black and white and stitched (24 x 21 cm) was published by
Erhard Kortmann and Herwig Guratzsch.
The preface is by Paul Flora, an Austrian drawer, the afterword by
Hans-Georg Rauch, a German drawer, with texts on Sajtinac by
Herwig Guratzsch and Hélène Sajtinac.
This book was released to mark an important retrospective at the
Wilhelm Busch museum in Hannover, at which Sajtinac exhibited
paintings and drawings.

ISBN 3 87536 1903

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Labyrinthe Privé

Published in 1981 by Editions CCC (Cartoon-Caricature-Contor)
Munich, this stitched 120 page black and white book (26.7 x 20.3 cm),
was Sajtinac’s second. The first run of 500 numbered and signed
copies was followed by a second of 1000 copies.
The preface is by George Moorse, an American writer and cinematographer.
This book is a collection of freely inspired drawings and drawings created
for the German press.

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